Martha's Vineyard's music store since 1992

Here's a bit about us and what we do...

We strive to meet the creative needs of the people of Martha's Vineyard. We're here year-round to serve this community. We also meet people from all over the world who visit the island in the summer and are pleased to find a brick-and-mortar music store tucked in between the ice cream parlors and t-shirt shops. 

We carry a wide variety of instruments, and our main passion is connecting customers with instruments and gear that they can take home and be inspired by, every day. We offer acoustic guitars by Martin, Seagull, and Recording King, and also carry a large selection of more affordable guitars for people who are just starting out or looking for something they can take to the beach with them. 

Electric guitars and amps, ukuleles, keyboards, percussion instruments and drumsticks, strings, a huge collection of music books, and every kind of gear and gizmo you might need also fill our shelves. 

We also carry used vinyl, and buy used collections from customers. Same goes for used instruments and gear. 

Do you have a musical question or need? We will do our best to help!